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Dr. Haddadan is a great doctor! He helped me with my injury and is knowledgeable about my health.


One of the best doctors I’ve ever had. He is very busy, but he always takes time to listen, he is not judgmental, he is willing to go the extra length to talk about any issues.

I have been going to Dr Haddadan for about a year, the staff is very friendly and helpful, I enjoy seeing Dr Haddadan he is very polite and listens to my concerns and addresses all of them and explains everything to me.


Dr. K Haddadan is an awesome doctor — he is extremely caring and knowledgeable…Definitely go to Dr. Haddadan!

He was most caring doctor I’ve ever had. He listened to my problems and helped me through my pain issues And the staff was super friendly and nice.

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Seen by Dr Haddadan since 2009 and he & his staff have grown in past 10 years , he is compassionate, caring, knowledgeable and runs a excellent tight ship office wise…

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